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Elric Anatine is an apothecary in Second Life with a penchant for exquisite apparel (especially canes), Victorian & Elegant Gothic (and inspired) fine fashions, and intoxicating absinthe. Within this blog will reside his reviews and thoughts regarding these very important topics.

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Protesting Naked Due to Lack of Elegant Gothic Victorian Steampunk Fashions in Second Life

Posted By on March 5, 2011

I am currently protesting… naked.  Well, not really — just for this photo.  Why?

It has been a while since I updated my list of Gentlemen’s Clothiers (Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian, Elegant Gothic & Inspired Attire), and I thought it was time to do so.

Very surprising to myself were the number of creators that I had to remove due to:  (1) no longer in Second Life, (2) retired, or (3) having eliminated the very items from their shops that placed them on this list (this I’m still scratching my powdered wig head over).

A few people kindly sent me suggestions for additions, plus I had a couple of my own — but nowhere near equal to the number I deleted.  I turned to SL’s SEARCH and Marketplace listings.  And… I am disappointed.  I truly was hoping that in the past six months there would be more than a few new or developing creators of men’s Elegant Gothic Aristocratic fashions.

And so… I am protesting… naked… with only my cane and top hat.

[click image for larger view]

I will return to this list later this weekend and week, hopeful that further searching will yield some new to me creators.

Version 2.10 of my list will be out shortly thereafter.

Help dress this fox and prevent him from frightening his fellow avatars on the Grid.

If you’ve any suggestions, please IM in world or comment below.  Thank you.


Monocle: GC-Monokel (Dark-Knight clock) by Grazioso Alekseev of Crie Style
Cane: Steel Cane by Vincente Shepherd (retired)
Top Hat: Strigoi Viu Tophat by Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude

Photos taken at Syzygy PhotoSphere (open to public)

Fox avatar

Male White Fox by Mephitis Jezebel of Aventity

Silent Sparrow’s Corbie Suit

Posted By on February 12, 2011

LIMITED EDITION ALERT: Among this fabulous new suit are 5 Limited Edition Colours — get them while you can!

Yes, I’ve been absent from my blog for a while. Between RL and some serious SL focus, I had to make some decisions over what I could reasonably spend time on.

In any event, the first suit in six months from Silent Sparrow has lured me to the blog once again. Pardon the brevity of this review, but it in no way diminishes my passionate feelings towards this spectacular suit.

[click image for larger view]

Name of Ensemble: Corbie (Limited Edition Sea and Blood)

Creator: hyasynth Tiramisu

Shoppe: Silent Sparrow


Featured first, with my fox avatar, is the limited edition Sea. I also picked up the limited edition ghost and the regular ash and blood. Thank goodness I only wear black, red and blue!

To quote the lovely Miss Hya, “It’s a true work of love as it features my favorite corvids ravens amongst spiralling brocade jacket with long belted prim tails, a cozy velvety sweater and velvety jeans in the same motif. matching gloves, and a locket style brooch. (currently with my photo *laughs* please please do change that!) oh yes and some black socks (yes Elric those are in there for you!)”

Hya’s are the only jeans I’ll ever wear, because they really aren’t jeans! They are STYLISH.


BlakOpal’s Nantes: Feeling Bookish

Posted By on June 27, 2010

[click image for larger view]

Names of Item: Nantes

Creator: blakopal Galicia

Shoppe: BlakOpal Designs


First, from the creator: “A stylish mens suit with houndstooth tweed patterned jacket with dark suede sculpted collar, flexi coattails, and rows of small buttons down the front. Worn with copper-red colored vest with standing collar and white shirt with high collar turned out at the chin. A patterned bow tie is knotted around the neck. The vest has a subtle gear brocade pattern, and the vest has brass buttons down the front. The white sculpted shirt cuffs fold back at the wrist, with cog cuff links. The suit has coordinating pants with zipper front and prim pants flares. Finishing off the suit is a Mekanikal Belt, wide suede leather, with metal gear conchos and a large animated belt buckle with rotating gears.”

And now with some more photos and commentary…


Neat Neat Neat, EGA in White White White

Posted By on June 19, 2010

[click image for larger view]

There is seemingly little more terrifying to a Goth punk of the old school than being confronted with “you must wear white”. Granted, some did attire themselves in white, but this was exceedingly rare, or in the form of a poet shirt here and there. But to wear an entirely white ensemble? Not I… until now.

Attending a White Ball I opted for my fox form, of course. But then came the task of “who in SL makes an acceptable ensemble all in white for an EGA such as myself?” Falln, of course.


Arcavim’s Nobles on Alpha & Omega Point

Posted By on June 11, 2010

[click image for larger view]

Names of Items: Nobles Jacket, Shirt & Tophat in Black plus Striped Trousers in Black and Striped Vest in Grey

Creator: Drack Diesel

Shoppe: Arcavim


Whilst recently visiting Sweetlemon Jewell’s absolutely stunning Alpha & Omega Point sims with my lovely Lady, I thought it would make for an excellent photo session backdrop. While it may be viewed as somewhat sacreligious to blog another creator’s ensemble whilst photographing in their realm, I have reviewed Sweetlemon Jewell’s fine attire previously.

I had been wanting to acquire Arcavim’s gentlemanly line of attire for some time, and thought this the perfect opportunity to do so. For once I almost wished I enjoyed wearing colour beyond red and blue, for Drack Diesel’s selection of colours, while soft, were very elegant. Alas, my obsession with monochrome won out.

However, I was somewhat dismayed to learn that scripts within those prim items harbouring a resizer script would not self delete, nor were the prim items modify so I could not remove them myself. Thankfully, Mr. Diesel provided me with a no transfer/copy/modify version of all items containing scripts so that I could set as desired and then remove the scripts myself. I do appreciate this, particularly in light of impending script limits.

But I digress…


Of Nosferatu & Wasabi

Posted By on May 28, 2010

[click image for larger view]

Names of Items: NosferCoat & Jardar Hair

Creators: Allegory Malaprop & MissAllSunday Lemon

Shoppes: Schadenfreude & Wasabi Pills


Yes, Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year — the annual trading in of my hair. I may feel adventurous and even slip into a new skin by December.

In over three years I have had two hair styles (three if you include my new upgrade). While I absolutely must have closets filled with clothes, bureaus stuffed with cravats, and gloves and canes enough to warrant their own room, I am rather reluctant to acquire new hair and skin with the same fervour.

My reasons are several and can be summed up to say that I would sooner spend my energies on clothing, rather than the distraction of contending with a new core appearance on a regular basis. Once a year is plenty, thank you.

Although I have to say, finding elegant longer blond hair (preferably in a ponytail) befitting my person is nigh impossible. I search about twice a year and every 16 months finally secure something acceptable.

In any event, I thought that the death of my former hair would best be matched with an ensemble by Schadenfreude called NosferCoat — more than just a coat.


Basics of Second Life Photography & Resources

Posted By on May 26, 2010

[click image for larger view]


I am by no means a serious photographer in SL, but I do enjoy taking photos and every so often a miracle occurs and I manage to snap a decent shot. I will provide below some very simple advice on improvements that can be made over default settings and information. And finally, I will provide you with some resources to those who know far more than I; and I strongly urge you to learn the finer points of SL photography from them.


Oh My Goodness, I Have Nothing to Wear!

Posted By on May 14, 2010

[click image for larger view]

The onset of Summer weather delivers invitations to related events such as: Cruise Ship festivities. I am faced with one such invitation this weekend. As an elegant gothic gentleman, what to do, what to do?

I considered a full Steampunk diving suit, but that really isn’t ship deck worthy. And I rather suspect my friends would anticipate such a choice. Although I did torment the party’s hostess by informing her that I would arrive in a Borat-like swim-thong. There are some dares even I will turn down.  I did take a gander at the couple of Victorian swimsuits for gentlemen available, but even I have my limits insofar as dedication to one my favourite periods in history.

After trawling through the men’s swim suit and shorts section on XStreet, as well as delving into some serious diviniation (via SEARCH), I really could not locate anything that satisfied me. I decided to throw caution to the wind and visit one of my favourite shoppes along with some inventory diving. You must understand that for me to say “I have nothing to wear”, it is a very serious proclamation indeed.

In the end, I do believe I have cobbled together a satisfactory ensemble, one befitting of my personality, preferences, favourite creators, and event.


Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian, and Inspired Attire (v2.9)

Posted By on April 30, 2010

[click image for larger view]

Version 2.9 Released April 30, 2010

Where to acquire: Right Here

What is this about:

Providing a list of designers selling either appropriately Victorian, Elegant Gothic or inspired (usually costume or imbued with a “Gothic” or “Steampunk” theme) gentleman’s clothing and accessories. While entire Gothic or Steampunk ensembles may not be appropriate for everyone in all scenarios, quite often select pieces can be paired with other pieces from various ensembles to create something both new and splendid.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and vendors do change locations frequently. Moreover, if you know of a vendor who should be on this list, please contact Elric Anatine and I’ll quite happily make that addition in the next version of this notecard.

Alkahest Release: Gothic-Victorian Decadent Velvet and Marble Furnishings

Posted By on April 30, 2010

[click image for larger view]

Alkahest presents… Rich velvet, cool marble and deep wood furnishings. Luxurious and decadent for a Victorian parlour, vintage salon, reading room or absinthe den. Vampires and gothic children of the night may also find this an alluring addition to their domiciles.

The original Absinthe series was created for an Absinthe installation I was involved in. I thought it appropriate to add two other schemes: Serpis (red absinthe) and Bleue (blanche or blue absinthe).

Visit the main shoppe of Alkahest to view these and more.

OR, view some sets from XStreet.

Sets are discounted by 25% over purchasing each item individually.