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One Year Later…

Despite the best of intentions, I was distracted by RL and SL to the extent that I was unable to properly launch this blog.  Perhaps round 2 will yield some results.

In the past year I’ve been distracted by building (which I’m discovering is addicting) and various and sundry personal endeavours.  I have moved out of Mainland and Caledon to join a group of wonderful like-minded adventurers on Syzygy Island.

While Syzygy will keep me occupied for some months to come, I am hoping to at the very least pot this blog with brief reviews and commentary (best intentions, and all that).

We shall see what we shall see.

About The Author

Elric Anatine is an apothecary in Second Life with a penchant for exquisite apparel (especially canes), Victorian & Elegant Gothic (and inspired) fine fashions, and intoxicating absinthe. Within this blog will reside his reviews and thoughts regarding these very important topics.


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