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NachtMusik’s Chasing the Silver Dragon

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Name of Ensemble: Chasing the Silver Dragon

Creator: Draco Nacht

Shoppe: NachtMusik

Number of Pieces: 9

Variations Within Ensemble: 2 jacket styles, 2 undershirt styles


This is my first purchase from NachtMusik, having recently added the shoppe to my list of Gentleman’s Attire. At a glance the ensembles appeal, especially to those gentlemen who do not shy away from extravagance and elegance.

This creation captured my interest immediately, but found the lower jacket tails were quite stiff and I felt as though I’d donned a skirt rather than a jacket. I have no doubts, however, that some will fancy the rigid swish of the coat (my personal preference is for the flow of Falln’s coat tails).

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The textures are quite exotic and luxurious. The perfect ensemble for lazing about in an opium den.

NachtMusik provides a variety of ensembles from formal to informal, exotic to traditional. I look forward to seeing the direction Mr. Nacht takes in the future with his creations.

Other Details:

Shoes – Laudanum black by Lassitude & Ennui
Gloves – King of Hearts Suit Black by Falln

Photos taken in My Photosphere

Human avatar

  • Hair – Elliot (LightBlond) by Six Kennedy of GuRL 6
  • Skin – Scorpio Revelation (3A Smooth) by The Abyss
  • Eyes – Blue Opal by Miriel Enfield of Miriel

Fox avatar

  • Avatar – Arctic Fox by Cheetah Kitty
  • Hair – The Dauphin (Blonde) by Siyu Suen of Illusions

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  1. I share your views entirely on both the general high standard of this ensemble and the problematic nature of the prim tails…

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