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Pop Japan Styling

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Name of Ensemble: =IZUMIYA=Fashion Set NO.M11

Creator: Izumi Homewood



I am seldom one to back down from a challenge, and this was the gauntlet thrown down before me by my lovely Lady earlier this week: “I challenge you to use (the pink Hello Kitty) background in a blog picture.” I believe this is an extension of our courtship phase over two years ago when, knowing of my allergy to pink, Lady offered me a view of her shapely ankles if I would be seen in public wearing a pink shirt. I am hoping this photo series nets me more than an ankle viewing this time. /me smiles

So… has this Gentleman Victorian Goth apothecary lost his mind? Not only is he using a PINK HELLO KITTY background, he is attired casually (in ripped jeans no less). Yes… and no. And here is why.

I have a love of many things Japanese and visit Tokyo in RL as frequently as I am able. During my first visitation to the land of the rising sun I realized that Japanese men were perhaps more fashionably attuned than any other country’s male population. I believe they even had more hair products than the Japanese ladies. A stroll through the vibrant districts of Harajuku and Shinjuku brought male fashion plates right to the forefront, although most men took their attire seriously regardless of their locale (except perhaps Akihabara where  Otaku fashion reigns).

Therefore, if I was to meet this challenge set forth by my Lady, I would do so with panache, and choose for my ensemble a fun and casual creation by Japanese designer, Izumi Homewood.

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I attempted to find some suitable accessories, but due to lack of attachment points and not being satisfied with what I unearthed, no accessories this time around. The gloves are from Silent Sparrow and the Oxford shirt (tinted grey to match the ensemble) by Schadenfreude.

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And yes, real men can wear fur. Especially in Tokyo. I quite like the fur trimmed hood of this jacket and the clean look of the scarf, which coils so nicely around my neck.

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Kitty-chan has infiltrated every aspect of Japanese life and living imaginable, from apparel, household goods such as toasters right through to adult industry accessories (and yes, you can buy those in Japan). The Japanese love their cute, and no culture does it with such style and wonder. How do I survive all the Kawaii, you might wonder?

Despite the darker side of fashion and accouterments also being intertwined with “cute” (Vivienne Westwood is the darling of punk and haute fashion in Tokyo, but even she wraps some of her offerings in Kawaii), there are brands and manufacturers that release cute-free product lines.

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Although, that is not to say I do not suffer my moments of “Stop with the Kitty-chan already!”. A night in Shinjuku, especially Kabuki-cho, is a fantastic rejuvinator.

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But I digress. Returning to the ensemble at hand. While not absolutely astounding in terms of quality, the outfit has a style that I can enjoy and that suits my tastes. As far as a casual outfit is concerned, this one from Izumiya may see some mileage on me yet.

[click image for larger view]

The prim work and texturing is nice. I particularly like the cuffs (there are two different cuff options, in fact). The lining inside the coat is a great detail (“detail” follows hot on the heels of “cute” insofar as Japanese virtues are concerned). The belt hangs well and while the coat tails do not flow as fluidly as I personally prefer, their tension suits the style of coat so no real complaint from me.

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In addition to a selection of inexpensive ensembles, Izumiya specializes in modelling poses (which I have used for this entry), and offers some very Japanese fun accessories.

And so, my Lady, did I rise to the occasion? /me smiles

Other Details:

Shirt: Schadenfreude White Oxford, undershirt by Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude
Shoes: Laudanum black by Jackal Ennui of Lassitude & Ennui
Gloves: Aconite Gloves ~silentsparrow~ by hyasynth Tiramisu of silent sparrow
Glasses: primOptic Plume glasses by Nibb Tardis of primOptic eyewear
Socks: (ashes) nemu suit socks ~silentsparrow~ by hyasynth Tiramisu of silent sparrow
Photos taken in My Photo Planetoid (open to the public, please enjoy if you wish)

Human avatar:

  • Hair – Elliot (LightBlond) by Six Kennedy of GuRL 6
  • Skin – Scorpio Revelation (3A Smooth) by Khai Sinister of The Abyss
  • Eyes – Blue Opal by Miriel Enfield of Miriel (sadly, retired)

About The Author

Elric Anatine is an apothecary in Second Life with a penchant for exquisite apparel (especially canes), Victorian & Elegant Gothic (and inspired) fine fashions, and intoxicating absinthe. Within this blog will reside his reviews and thoughts regarding these very important topics.


4 Responses to “Pop Japan Styling”

  1. Pip says:

    Sir, you have met my challenge admirably! I’m quite inclined to reveal to you much more than an ankle.:) You look incredible in that outfit, as you do in every look you put together. I have to say that your knowledge of Japanese culture is quite ahemly as well! Thank you for making me so lucky.

  2. Kulta Hannu says:

    …I’m still trying to get over the fact that you are wearing ripped jeans. Jeans ripped very artistically to be sure but still…they ~ are ~ jeans.


  3. Hi there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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