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A Digression… and flamingos

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Where have I been?

First, I will lay the blame of this post entirely on my current course of medication. This, along with other events, will partially explain my absence from my blog and life in general. As I am not one to whinge about personal matters, suffice it to say that my health has been in less than stellar condition of late and we shall simply leave it at that.

Moving right along, I am grateful for my friends and one lady in particular (/me casts a sidelong glance at Lady Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks). A more recent friend, Kulta Hannu, has declared me an enabler with my suggestions of shops for clothing and landscaping — everyone should know that I am only too happy to help others spend their Linden Dollars on fine fashions and foliage. But I will now point my paw at Kulta-chan and cry out: “Enabler!”, for there is nothing more terrifying than two women conspiring against a poor old fox.

Attend… a travesty of epic proportions…

Once upon a time, as the snows melted and gave way to Spring, a lovely Lady suggested to her gothicly-inclined gentleman fox, “I believe it’s time to transform the Physic Garden and Apothecary into a place of dead things, as though abandoned, or that we went mad… very mad.” She continued teasing her gentlefox with delightful dark images of decadence and artful decay.

This gentlefox perked at the idea, very much liking dead and dark things (of the non-tacky variety, that is), and so set about to transform their lands.

A few days ago during a visit from the resident neko and recently made Grounds Manager of Syzygy, Kulta-chan asked with growing concern, “And just how far will the dead spread?”

The gentlefox wished to quip that the dead would spread far and wide across all the lands, but he bit tongue with his lengthy fangs, and merely smiled, pointing to the immediate vicinity.

Believing the neko satisfied with the answer, the gentlefox continued with his work, unaware of the machinations brewing in the cat’s head… nor his Lady’s.

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And so it came to pass this fine evening that the gentlefox’s Lady exclaimed in that come hither voice, “I have something GREAT to show you.”

As a result of Linden Lag, several minutes passed before the true horror of what befell the gentlefox’s dark work dawned upon his furry pale face.

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Flamingos. The Dark One could not have been amused, but it is difficult to say as his relationship is deepest with the Lady of this land, and he would likely do anything for her (even remain still in Winter as she outfitted him with a scarf).

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The Physic Garden and Apothecary had been quite successfully… flamingoed… by Lady Fiddlesticks… enabled by the neko, Kulta Hannu. The Lady was greatly amused, giggling happily like a victorious school girl prankster (which, incidentally, is one of the many reasons the gentlefox likes her so… although the flamingos may be going too far).

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Even Arnold, the gentlefox’s prized albino peacock, was cozying up to one of these frightful pink creatures! As if regular feedings of marshmallows were not enough, his head was actually turned by the bright invaders.

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Betrayer! Defiant, mocking peacock. “I know a nearby campire at the beach that will enjoy your marshmallows henceforth!” the gentlefox vowed.

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Alas, this gentlefox can only resign himself to his fate. And the flamingos.

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Please visit Syzygy Selene: Physic Garden & Apothecary — with flamingos to bear witness to this travesty.

Other Details:

Flamingos, cunningly fashioned: Yo, flamingo! nr1 *pink* by Antonia Marat of Artilleri (in the off-chance that my humour is lost on some readers, I do seriously believe that these flamingos are actually quite awesome and if anyone is every in need of flamingos, Artilleri is likely THE purveyor of flamingo love).
Ensemble: Viktor by Darwin Mizser of AVid
Monocle: GC-Monokel (Dark-Knight clock) by Grazioso Alekseev of Crie Style

Fox avatar

  • Avatar – Male White Fox by Mephitis Jezebel of Aventity
  • Hair – The Dauphin (Powdered) by Siyu Suen of Illusions

About The Author

Elric Anatine is an apothecary in Second Life with a penchant for exquisite apparel (especially canes), Victorian & Elegant Gothic (and inspired) fine fashions, and intoxicating absinthe. Within this blog will reside his reviews and thoughts regarding these very important topics.


7 Responses to “A Digression… and flamingos”

  1. Kulta Hannu says:

    Ah. I see a flock of Phoenicopterus roseus plasticus has found your POEtic corner of SL.

    *lips twitch as the cat fights to keep a perfectly neutral face*

    They certainly inject a lot of ….pink…. into the landscape.


    *checks watch*

    OH would you look at the time! I’ve sakura blossoms to sweep-up on the other side of the island. A nekos’ work is never done! Ta-ta!

    *Disappears in a swirl of kimono silk & spotted fur…and giggles*

    • haha, thank you. /me ponders how lovely sakura would look with a nice BLACK tarp beneath the trees! /me chuckles

      • Kulta Hannu says:

        *0_0!! Black Tarpaulins under the sakura?!?!

        That is hardly playing fair my dear sir……although..

        ……..giving the matter a second thought, the flutter of cherry petals upon a black background would be most enchanting, as it would set-off the delicate shades of pink quite dramatically

        Reminds me of a kimono I picked-up recently for Spring :3


        Of course the same would work in reverse, say a blushing picnic blanket under a black and tangled tree….lovely contrast possibilities that. *heheheh*

  2. Pip says:

    I’m glad you aren’t too angry. You were actually quite sweet when you weren’t sure if I actually wanted to keep them in the garden. You know its going to break Arnold’s birdie heart when you make me take them down. He’s gotten at least one of them pregnant and he’s also convinced “that rough little trick with the spiky feathers named Cristobel” is giving him the eyeballs. That poor bird is having the time of his life, honey! How can you take that away from him?

    As for the Dark One, to him our puny human foibles are completely insignificant.

    Your Pip

    • Ahhh lovely Lady, how could I ever be cross with you.

      /me pauses

      The pink infestation is temporary… yes?

      My poor peacock… gangbanged by a bunch of overzealous flamingos. The shame, the shame. But he did bring it on himself, that trollop.

      /me buries foxhead in paws.

  3. Imogen Innis says:

    Knowing Kulta myself, I must say, well…it’s quite easy to be outfoxed…or out neko’d.

    As an aside I adore your blog, it’s so difficult sometimes to find the ebst in men’s attire in SL, and every help is apreciated, from this steampunk neko gentlecat, you have my heartfelt thanks for your endeavors.

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