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Neat Neat Neat, EGA in White White White

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There is seemingly little more terrifying to a Goth punk of the old school than being confronted with “you must wear white”. Granted, some did attire themselves in white, but this was exceedingly rare, or in the form of a poet shirt here and there. But to wear an entirely white ensemble? Not I… until now.

Attending a White Ball I opted for my fox form, of course. But then came the task of “who in SL makes an acceptable ensemble all in white for an EGA such as myself?” Falln, of course.

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Last night was spent at Falln, pouring over the walls of suits, and attempting to find the perfect creation in white. I own most of Falln’s suits in three colours each (black, red and blue). In any event, I found Valeries, which I’ve reviewed in my blog previously, to be the most pleasing in white.

Once attired I was reminded of a video I recently watched on YouTube (yes, beware, RL interjection). Lately I’ve succumbed to replacing my long gone or stored Damned vinyl and tapes with CDs. This, of course, lead me to a YouTube marathon (something I very seldom find time for) featuring The Damned, one of my favourite bands of all time. I had completely forgotten that The Damned was actually on Top of the Pops, and that Dave Vanian also wore entirely white for this performance of Eloise.

What does this have to do with anything? I am merely being absolutely self-indulgent and subjecting anyone who reads my blog to The Damned (just in case there is even one person out there who has never had the pleasure of being exposed to this brilliant punk rock band). One of my video discovery favourites is Grimly Fiendish. Sadly, I could not find a video for Lovely Money (mind, I was rather surprised that The Damned created any videos at all). This recent performance of Neat Neat Neat was most impressive; Dave and the Captain, still going strong. But I digress…

What does this have to do with SL fashion? Absolutely nothing! I am, however, white, armed and dangerous.

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More photos below, along with referenced items worn.

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I will never profess to being the Punk Goth crooner that is Dave Vanian.

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Big wow, eh?

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White White White


Main ensemble: Valeries White by Azriel Demain of Falln
Gloves: XNT~ FORTISSIMO Gloves, White by Nix Sands of XCENTRICITY
Cane: Steel Cane by Vincente Shepherd of Gaslights Emporium (retired)
Monocle: GC-Monokel (Dark-Knight clock) by Grazioso Alekseev of Crie Style
Dagger/Syringe: ~SA~ Another Poison – customized black/white by Insania Aeon
Pocket Watch: *Mire* PocketWatch Short Silver by Ross Myhre of Mire

Fox Avatar

Hair: The Dauphin (Powdered) by Siyu Suen of Illusions
Avatar: Male White Fox by Mephitis Jezebel of Aventity

Photos taken at Syzygy Pyxis: FREE Photosphere for all to use (please use as you wish)

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