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Silent Sparrow’s Corbie Suit

LIMITED EDITION ALERT: Among this fabulous new suit are 5 Limited Edition Colours — get them while you can!

Yes, I’ve been absent from my blog for a while. Between RL and some serious SL focus, I had to make some decisions over what I could reasonably spend time on.

In any event, the first suit in six months from Silent Sparrow has lured me to the blog once again. Pardon the brevity of this review, but it in no way diminishes my passionate feelings towards this spectacular suit.

[click image for larger view]

Name of Ensemble: Corbie (Limited Edition Sea and Blood)

Creator: hyasynth Tiramisu

Shoppe: Silent Sparrow


Featured first, with my fox avatar, is the limited edition Sea. I also picked up the limited edition ghost and the regular ash and blood. Thank goodness I only wear black, red and blue!

To quote the lovely Miss Hya, “It’s a true work of love as it features my favorite corvids ravens amongst spiralling brocade jacket with long belted prim tails, a cozy velvety sweater and velvety jeans in the same motif. matching gloves, and a locket style brooch. (currently with my photo *laughs* please please do change that!) oh yes and some black socks (yes Elric those are in there for you!)”

Hya’s are the only jeans I’ll ever wear, because they really aren’t jeans! They are STYLISH.

[click image for larger view]

The ravens are brilliant and blend so well with Hya’s signature swirls. As always, her clothes appear as though you are wearing them without too many folds.

[click image for larger view]

Some of the pieces (belt with coat tails and cuffs) have a removeable scripted resizer, but are also modify! Win win!

[click image for larger view]

The sweater portion of the suit (allowing for a dressing down if you so desire) was quite inspiring for poncing around my latest favourite sim, RWB

[click image for larger view]

The belt is perfect, casual and elegant at once. Jeepers’ Toltec Black/Red shoes demanded to be worn with the blood Corbie.

[click image for larger view]

Two of my favourite aspects of Silent Sparrow’s creations are superlative in Corbie: the cuffs and the coat tails. I don’t know how Hya does it, but each are always unique in their own way with every new suit.

[click image for larger view]

The jacket’s back is delightfully patterned, and of course, many additional layers are included for mashing up, dressing up, and dressing down.

[click image for larger view]

So fly to Silent Sparrow, pick up a Limited Edition (while you can), plus either ash or blood Corbie, and explore the amazing RWB sim with a friend or partner. I spent all last night exploring RWB with my Lady, Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, and a fabulous time was had by both of us.

Until next time…

Other Details:

Monocle: GC-Monokel (Dark-Knight clock) by Grazioso Alekseev of Crie Style
Shoes on Human: Toletck Black/Red by Eponymous Trenchmouth of Jeepers

Photos taken at RWB

Human avatar

  • Hair – Jardar (Platinum) by MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills
  • Skin – Scorpio Revelation (3A Smooth) by Khai Sinister of The Abyss
  • Eyes – Blue Opal by Miriel Enfield of Miriel (very sadly retired)

Fox avatar

Male White Fox by Mephitis Jezebel of Aventity

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