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Protesting Naked Due to Lack of Elegant Gothic Victorian Steampunk Fashions in Second Life

I am currently protesting… naked.  Well, not really — just for this photo.  Why?

It has been a while since I updated my list of Gentlemen’s Clothiers (Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian, Elegant Gothic & Inspired Attire), and I thought it was time to do so.

Very surprising to myself were the number of creators that I had to remove due to:  (1) no longer in Second Life, (2) retired, or (3) having eliminated the very items from their shops that placed them on this list (this I’m still scratching my powdered wig head over).

A few people kindly sent me suggestions for additions, plus I had a couple of my own — but nowhere near equal to the number I deleted.  I turned to SL’s SEARCH and Marketplace listings.  And… I am disappointed.  I truly was hoping that in the past six months there would be more than a few new or developing creators of men’s Elegant Gothic Aristocratic fashions.

And so… I am protesting… naked… with only my cane and top hat.

[click image for larger view]

I will return to this list later this weekend and week, hopeful that further searching will yield some new to me creators.

Version 2.10 of my list will be out shortly thereafter.

Help dress this fox and prevent him from frightening his fellow avatars on the Grid.

If you’ve any suggestions, please IM in world or comment below.  Thank you.


Monocle: GC-Monokel (Dark-Knight clock) by Grazioso Alekseev of Crie Style
Cane: Steel Cane by Vincente Shepherd (retired)
Top Hat: Strigoi Viu Tophat by Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude

Photos taken at Syzygy PhotoSphere (open to public)

Fox avatar

Male White Fox by Mephitis Jezebel of Aventity

About The Author

Elric Anatine is an apothecary in Second Life with a penchant for exquisite apparel (especially canes), Victorian & Elegant Gothic (and inspired) fine fashions, and intoxicating absinthe. Within this blog will reside his reviews and thoughts regarding these very important topics.


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