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[5]-Alkahest (my shoppe)


Alkahest is my main in world sky shoppe, but also provides me with some land experimentation space below.

Common Item Features


The lighting script is fully loaded and very low lag. The menu driven lamp is intuitive and easy to operate (click away). There are numerous options to satisfy the most demanding user. Features include:

  • Assign permissions (owner, group or everyone) of light activation.
  • Assign permissions (owner, group or everyone) of settings.
  • Light on, off or automatic (according to region’s time of day).
  • Light intensity to low, medium or high.
  • Glow on or off.
  • Glow particle on, off or colour (change the colour of the particle glow or set to off).
  • Light colour (change the colour of the light).
  • Lamp colour (change the colour of the light source).


I use various quality animations from at least a half dozen of SL’s top creators (and I am always searching for more).

Menu Driven Animations

I use a low lag menu driven animation system. Right click and sit on the item and then touch to change the animation or location via an Animation Selection Menu.

Say “/1a” in Local Chat to reposition your avatar while in the current animation via the Adjust Menu (your desired reposition will be saved by the system for next time).

Some items will also provide you with props (books and drinks). These are obtainable by clicking and HOLDING the item until you receive it in your inventory (usually a couple seconds at most). Wear the item from inventory for full effect.

Customer Support

While SL is not my primary occupation, I will endeavour to respond to your queries as quickly as possible (usually within 48 hours unless I cannot reach a computer or am on holidays). In the meantime, review the following for potential answers to your questions:

Chatty Items

Some of my items whisper messages in open chat (usually of an instructive nature). If this is bothersome or no longer required, right click the item and choose Edit. Click More if the Less button is showing. Click the Content tab. Within there will be a script called “Item Message”. Select this script and delete it (press delete on your keyboard). Close the Edit window. This will not harm the item.

Scripted Items

Scripted items can and do sometimes become adversely affected by SL. If your item is scripted and behaving poorly, try resetting the scripts in the item. Right click and choose Edit. Click on the Tools SL menu bar and then Reset Scripts in Selection.

Script Lag

Unless otherwise stated, the scripts I use are as low lag as possible. Owning a homestead and full sim, and previously owning mainland, I am very mindful about the cumulative evil effect of lag.

For example, the lighting scripts are very low lag (custom created for myself by a great scripter), and the new furniture menu animation script is quite low lag as well. If you have any questions about the impact of my items on a sim’s resources, do not hesitate to contact me.

Textures & Tints

If you do not like the textures or colour tints of an item, feel free to change these attributes. Most of my items are modify for this reasons. You should be comfortable with some basic editing. Should you inadvertently mangle a transferable item while editing, please send it to myself and I will replace it.

Exchanges & Returns

Most of my items are quite inexpensive or very fairly priced. No returns are possible on “no transfer” items. If you are dissatisfied with the colour or appearance of an item, I may be able to make a modification. For the most part, exchanges and returns will be assessed on a case by case basis.


My creations would not be possible without some absolutely astounding people.

First, to Lady Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, who is often my muse and a key supporter to my endeavours. She advises, offers constructive criticism and excellent feedback. She is also my partner, and therefore likely biased, but that is okay.

Samantha Glume is the Script Goddess without which my items would be lacking soul. Apart from the animation menu system and perhaps some very minor scripts, she creates the most lag-free and astounding scripts for me. I’ve never known any other scripter who is so conscientious about minimizing script resources and the impact scripts have on people and sims.

And of course, thank you to SL’s top sculpt makers, texture creators, and animators. You are also quite an inspiration.

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