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Distinguished Aesthetics – a Gentleman’s Review

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The Blog

The goal of this blog is to provide information and reviews regarding several aspects of Second Life (SL) living for the gentleman — clothing, accessories and even items for the home and garden within a certain theme. This theme being loosely classified (forgive me, my preference is not to use labels, but sadly, it is the only way) by the following verbiage: Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk and such items as inspired by this theme.

When I materialized in SL in February 2007, there were less than a handful of content creators offering Victorian or period attire and even homes and furnishings along this theme. Over time, with a burgeoning growth of persons with such interests, more Victorian themed vendors began to appear in order to take advantage of this niche market. However, not all creations are equal, and not all of our tastes are the same.

It is with this blog that I am hoping to offer my own opinions and experiences on the matter and perhaps assist others faced with the challenge of “finding just the right thing”. I strongly suspect that I will be a source of great displeasure to some vendors, and for that I do apologize in advance, but I am a rather particular individual, and I can assure you am far more critical of myself than others. I also suffer from an ailment known as “honesty”, and on one hand I have no compunctions about pointing out deficiencies, and on the other, I will be very happy to extol the virtues of those who create “a cut above”.

You may wonder what qualifies me to maintain this blog, and I confess the answer is “nothing” save my own hyper-critical opinions and a love of certain aesthetics. Thusly, as you read, understand that your assessment and mine may differ — and that is to be expected. The opinions and reviews expressed are mine alone. Disagree or agree, it matters not to me. If I can assist one person now and again in making an acquisition decision, then I will be delighted. If not, pardon me while I ramble to myself and maintain a reference catalogue for my own interests.

The Gentleman

✾ I am a blend of: RL personae & RP, human & fox ✾

I am a shy gentleman with a penchant for velvet, brocade, cravats and an obsessive love of canes.

I am an eccentric apothecary who enjoys dabbling with botanicals and absinthe; the results of one such experiment lead to my oft temporary transformation into a fox.

My home & apothecary, open to all, are on the Island of Syzygy. My main shoppe of ecclectic creations & land experimentations are on Alkahest.

I build… somewhat…  I am learning and do enjoy the process. My preference is for homes and some furnishings. I currently sell some of my items and plan on developing my sim, Alkahest, in the future.

I enjoy speaking with content creators and like to offer any support and encouragement that my humble self can. I am a firm believer that SL would simply not “be” without those we depend upon to provide us with an appearance and environment we find appealing. We cannot all create to the extent of our personal vision, therefore placing much emphasis on those who share our aesthetic ideals.

For social activities, when I have time, I enjoy various events in Caledon, playing Greedy Greedy on the SGE Space Station, exploring the wondrous world of SL with my Ladyfriend, Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, and of course, shopping.

Yes, I am all about shopping. Given my rapacious hunger for fine clothing,  I have travelled far and wide on “the grid”. And, I confess, am positively delighted when I stumble upon a skilled new creator.

Elric Anatine, physician

[my fox self playing my Musical Academy piano in the parlour of my former main home, Wilde Manor, on Necros sim]

The Unauthorized Biography

Caveat: This reporter concedes that the following information was gleaned by rumor and conjecture. And bribery.

Lord Anatine’s family background, as far as it is known, is rife with tragedy. His father, a wealthy Baron in his home country of G______, was a near recluse, a trait inherited by his son. Lord Elric’s mother, it is rumored, was taken to wife by the Baron from the kitchens of his home estate. For this, the couple was cut off from all local society thus beginning the Baron’s life-long obsession with acquiring estates in his own and other countries, many of which were taken via the ruination of their former owners. His contemporaries state the Baron was considered evil by most, but this reporter conjectures that his actions were linked to an abhorrence of the hypocracy of the upper classes, an opinion that is also deeply felt by his son . The Lady Anatine gave her husband two children, Elric II and, some years later, a daughter, whose birth took the life of her mother.

The Baron died only a few short years later under suspicious circumstances. The fate of the young Lady Anatine is unclear. We only know, via the greased palm of a former valet, that the Lord Elric carries a tattered mourning card and a lock of ginger hair on his person at all times.

Lord Elric has vast land holdings in several locations all over the globe, the exact locations of which are not known to many. Some under his former employ report that his gardens are very elaborate and each include large greenhouses that no other than Lord Anatine himself are allowed to enter. One chatty gardener (who is now a few bob richer) reports that the plants under his Lordship’s particular care are likely dangerous as he has witnessed the master outfitted in “thickish gloves and a linen mask ‘crossd his face” while the Lord works in his hothouse. This reporter suspects that this peculiar interest in exotic horticulture coincides with the Lord’s educational pursuits.

Lord Anatine took his degrees in chemistry and biology and did, for a time, attend a prestigious medical college though his participation in those studies seemed to wane after his interest in human toxicology was satisfied. Additionally, it is rumored that he is an officer in at least one clandestine gentlemen’s fraternity, the most well-known of which is the Society of M________, a group whose covert activities could not be easily obtained by this writer, as I did not have enough money to pay people off.

Though he is chiefly known as a somewhat reclusive eccentric, by all accounts the Lord Anatine can be a pleasant though quiet gentleman when encountered in Society. Ladies of his acquaintance report that without the prompting of his particular companion to whom he seems quite devoted, a Miss P.F ., he would not likely be seen in society at all.

The Ladies further report that he is clearly a gentleman of fashion and learning, and will speak quite animatedly on the topics of haberdashers and booksellers. The Lord is also an accomplished pianist and has actually been persuaded to play in public on more than one occasion. Though introspective, the Lord Anatine is not altogether unapproachable. He is often found to be quite pleasant when encountered on his shopping excursions and at charity events for those organizations for which he is a major benefactor.

-the end-

[an ancient photograph!  My human self lounging along side the waterfall of Necros sim, my former home, Wilde Manor, in the background]

The Disclaimer

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. My views cannot be influenced by bribery or threats — although, you can try.

Opinions and reviews are provided “as is”, however, you could be a great influence by letting me know if there are considerations I have omitted from any of my mental meanderings.

While I will endeavour to mostly discuss the most recent items available, I will also delve back in time towards older content created.

Do not take me entirely seriously as I do speak with a certain degree of wit that can sometimes dally on the side of acerbic.

I will provide as much information as I can about a creator so that if a Landmark provided grows stale, you can still locate them “in world” via their Profile.

I do not claim to know every themed content creator in SL, so please do forgive me if I have omitted you or someone you know. Be aware that this blog is a constant work in progress and I cannot offer my opinions on my entire inventory over night. Please do share with me any of your knowledge appropriate to the focus of this blog so that I might be able to provide my one viewer per month with a more complete overview of what is available.

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