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Protesting Naked Due to Lack of Elegant Gothic Victorian Steampunk Fashions in Second Life

| March 5, 2011

I am currently protesting… naked.  Well, not really — just for this photo.  Why? It has been a while since I updated my list of Gentlemen’s Clothiers (Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian, Elegant Gothic & Inspired Attire), and I thought it was time to do so. Very surprising to myself were the number of creators that I […]

Silent Sparrow’s Corbie Suit

| February 12, 2011

LIMITED EDITION ALERT: Among this fabulous new suit are 5 Limited Edition Colours — get them while you can! Yes, I’ve been absent from my blog for a while. Between RL and some serious SL focus, I had to make some decisions over what I could reasonably spend time on. In any event, the first […]

BlakOpal’s Nantes: Feeling Bookish

| June 27, 2010

[click image for larger view] Names of Item: Nantes Creator: blakopal Galicia Shoppe: BlakOpal Designs Comments: First, from the creator: “A stylish mens suit with houndstooth tweed patterned jacket with dark suede sculpted collar, flexi coattails, and rows of small buttons down the front. Worn with copper-red colored vest with standing collar and white shirt […]

Neat Neat Neat, EGA in White White White

| June 19, 2010

[click image for larger view] There is seemingly little more terrifying to a Goth punk of the old school than being confronted with “you must wear white”. Granted, some did attire themselves in white, but this was exceedingly rare, or in the form of a poet shirt here and there. But to wear an entirely […]

Arcavim’s Nobles on Alpha & Omega Point

| June 11, 2010

[click image for larger view] Names of Items: Nobles Jacket, Shirt & Tophat in Black plus Striped Trousers in Black and Striped Vest in Grey Creator: Drack Diesel Shoppe: Arcavim Comments: Whilst recently visiting Sweetlemon Jewell’s absolutely stunning Alpha & Omega Point sims with my lovely Lady, I thought it would make for an excellent […]

Of Nosferatu & Wasabi

| May 28, 2010

[click image for larger view] Names of Items: NosferCoat & Jardar Hair Creators: Allegory Malaprop & MissAllSunday Lemon Shoppes: Schadenfreude & Wasabi Pills Comments: Yes, Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year — the annual trading in of my hair. I may feel adventurous and even slip into a new skin by December. In […]

Oh My Goodness, I Have Nothing to Wear!

| May 14, 2010

[click image for larger view] The onset of Summer weather delivers invitations to related events such as: Cruise Ship festivities. I am faced with one such invitation this weekend. As an elegant gothic gentleman, what to do, what to do? I considered a full Steampunk diving suit, but that really isn’t ship deck worthy. And […]

Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian, and Inspired Attire (v2.9)

| April 30, 2010

[click image for larger view] Version 2.9 Released April 30, 2010 Where to acquire: Right Here What is this about: Providing a list of designers selling either appropriately Victorian, Elegant Gothic or inspired (usually costume or imbued with a “Gothic” or “Steampunk” theme) gentleman’s clothing and accessories. While entire Gothic or Steampunk ensembles may not […]

Silent Sparrow’s Gloomy

| April 28, 2010

Knowing I wished to make use of a Silent Sparrow suit, when I asked Hya which ensemble of hers I should feature on the upcoming cover of “Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian and Victorian Inspired Attire”, she suggested Severin or Gloomy. As I’d already blogged Severin, I thought that I would choose Gloomy, even though it’s not […]

A Digression… and flamingos

| March 9, 2010

[click image for larger view] Where have I been? First, I will lay the blame of this post entirely on my current course of medication. This, along with other events, will partially explain my absence from my blog and life in general. As I am not one to whinge about personal matters, suffice it to […]