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Basics of Second Life Photography & Resources

| May 26, 2010

[click image for larger view] Introduction I am by no means a serious photographer in SL, but I do enjoy taking photos and every so often a miracle occurs and I manage to snap a decent shot. I will provide below some very simple advice on improvements that can be made over default settings and […]

Second Life Male Shapes

| November 19, 2009

[click image for larger view] Background I often say that avatars come in all shapes and sizes, and it is this variety that maintains avatar diversity Second Life, which in turn is what makes Second Life such a fantastic realm to explore. However, for some, as it was for myself, creating a pleasing shape shortly […]

Second Life Item/Object Resizing Tutorial

| November 8, 2009

Introduction With all of my ranting these days and railing against improperly used resizing scripts, I thought that I would locate some item resizing tutorials. I found a resizing tutorial for hair (always useful) where the techniques outlined can easily be applied to any other worn object. There are more tips and tricks that could […]

Using Xstreet

| April 25, 2009

In efforts to assert that my blog is not JUST about my apparel addiction, I present to you sundry methods of navigating Xstreet (the SL product purchasing site formerly known as SLX). Mind, my purpose for navigating the seemingly labyrinth-like digital hallways of this epicentre for virtual consumerism is but one method I use to […]

A Gentlemanly AO Part II

| April 12, 2009

[click for larger image] Further to yesterday’s blog regarding a gentlemanly AO, I have spent considerable time combining the Gentleman Jim and Irresistible Male AOs to what I feel is a pleasing effect. While results and preferences will vary between individuals, I pass the contents of two notecards on to you for your use if […]

A Gentlemanly AO

| April 11, 2009

[click for larger image – one of Posture is Everything’s original stand animations] While clothes may make the man, an inappropriate Animation Override (AO) may negate any desired impression one wishes to give and I therefore attribute to an AO a very close second in terms of importance after clothes. The default walk we are […]