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New Cane/Walking Stick

| March 5, 2011

Bad at Croquette has a wonderful new cane, Marquis de Lune.  Black and silver, elegant and unique.

New At AVid

| July 5, 2010

AVid has what looks like a great new release: Hell’s Duke, with a very snappy jacket and numerous options below the waist. Visit AVid.

50% off Sale @ Silent Sparrow

| July 2, 2010

From the goaty girl’s mouth: “Everything in the Not So Secret Sale Area aka The Laser Shark Rescue Habitat is 50L until August 1st. Then they will all be retired *booming voice* FOREVER.” Buy while you can!

New Male Shapes at Amacci

| June 30, 2010

Amacci has three new wonderful male shapes: Theo, Thomas and Adrian. Visit Amacci.

AVid New Releases

| May 29, 2010

AVid offers up two new releases:  Requiem and Dark Ambient.  Requiem seems to be the better of the two with multi layers, creative design and heavy black leather. Visit AVid.

BlakOpal’s New Pirate Ensemble

| May 29, 2010

Brazen Pirate is “…a stylish outfit that’s great for pirates of the sea or air.”  Available in red, purple or blue.  Not only does it look brazen, it’s elegant. Visit BlakOpal.

Silent Sparrow: Owl Waistcoats

| May 27, 2010

The new Pick Reward creation is just fabulous!  If you don’t have Silent Sparrow in your Picks, now is a good time to do so! Pick up this wonderful Blodeuwedd Waistcoat while you’re at it! Visit Silent Sparrow.

BlakOpal’s New Tuxedo

| May 27, 2010

From BlakOpal: “Announcing the latest addition to our menswear collection – the LEXINGTON TUXEDO! Available in either black tie or white tie versions, we think you’ll agree this is one spectacular outfit.” Visit BlakOpal.

Silent Sparrow – 50% Off Suits

| February 4, 2010

50% off The Suit Room.  TP, don’t walk!  Limited time only.

Mire’s New Magnate Brow Suit

| November 25, 2009

A 10 piece suit, perfect for staying warm during the winter months. Delightfully Victorian. View in world here.