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[3]-Pose & Photo Credits

The following are a list of merchants who are integral to my blogging, including poses, photosphere etc.  My most sincere gratitude is expressed toward all the wonderfully creative people involved in making Second Life beautiful.

I usually take photos in my photo planetoid which is open to the public’s use any time.  I have over 500 singles poses in the posing stand; if you are searching for specific poses, feel free to investigate my collection to lead you to creators whose poses fit your interest.  Alternatively, please see the list below to proceed directly to their shops.

[click image for larger view]

Elric’s Photo Planetoid on Syzygy Pyxis


Photosphere by Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot.  THE photo “booth” to acquire.  Easy to use, easy to customize, completely versatile.  A must have.

Posing Stands:

Single pose posing stand by Tillie Ariantho of Tillie.  This is by far the most incredible posing stand I have ever had the opportunity to experience.  It’s absolutely dynamite and I strongly encourage anyone thinking of obtaining a posing stand to try Tillie’s demo or even the one in my Photosphere Planetoid.

Couples pose posing stand by Puck Ida.

Photo Op Accessories:

Book displays by sato Yifu of Kurotsubaki.  These are some of the most fun photo op creations I’ve encountered.  There are a few “hidden” poses as well.  Sit now, sit often.


Boudoir Rouge poses by CodeBastard Redgrave.

Digital Dragon Designs poses by Ninja Petion.

Essential Soul Studio poses by Steven Dean.

Izumiya poses by Izumi Homewood.

Lazy Places poses by Sakuradawn Lei.

Long Awkward Pose poses by Dove Swanson.

Lostangel poses by Evangeline Cortes.

Reel Expressions poses by Luth Brodie.

Snooky’s Poses poses by Snooky Mubble.

Striking Poses poses by Zelly Mornington.

Sunflower Poses poses by Helianthus Mesmer.

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