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Winter Ensemble 2: AVid’s Fur Coat (male)

| December 13, 2009

[click image for larger view] Name of Ensemble: Fur Coat (male) Creator: Darwin Mizser Shoppe: AVid Comments: This is the second in a series of several entries regarding Wintry Ware. Pardon the enormous image sizes, but I confess to showing off not only the ensembles, but my recently winterized lands as well. Please do come […]

Ohh, Shiny — NOT

| March 2, 2009

I am, perhaps, a touch old-fashioned, in case anyone missed the memo. I also enjoy very fine things, be it food, liquor, clothes, furnishings… And one thing that makes my head spin is combining different metal tones (i.e. gold and silver) when used as clothing accents or accessories. Artistically crafted tri-colour gold jewellery, on the […]

AVid’s Laureate

| February 16, 2008

[click for larger image] Name of Ensemble: Laureate Creator: Darwin Mizser Colour(s) Available: Black & White only Shoppe: AVid Number of Pieces: 16 plus 5 piece shoes Variations Within Ensemble: 2 shirt colours (black and white), 2 coats (open and closed), and two frock coat tail lengths Textures: High quality original, some familiar (from this […]